‘The Change Exchange’ is our response to the feedback we have been receiving since we launched in 2012. Many of you have told us how much you love our range but are reluctant to spend money on active, leisure or swimwear when you are about to embark on a diet or fitness programme, worried that the pieces you invest in will no longer fit once you have changed your body shape.

We have given this a lot of thought and have decided to give you some peace of mind by offering you the opportunity to exchange any pieces which you buy from our range* for a different size in the six months that follow, whether it be a smaller or larger size. The pieces that you send in for exchange will be laundered and then we will donate these pieces to a charity which supports women in need.

How Will it Work?
If you buy items from our range and then over the six month period that follows, you change shape and the items no longer fit, then you can exchange any items bought for the size you are now wearing.

For our existing and loyal customers, we are offering you the opportunity to exchange any pieces that you have bought from www.stateofmindactive.com since April 2017. This offer does not extend to items bought at Final Clearance* rates however. If you have any items you wish to exchange, please download this form and enclose it with your items for exchange. If you have any problems with the form please contact us at customerservice@stateofmindactive.com.

If the item you wish to exchange is no longer available in the size you now need, then you can choose a similar piece at the same price point or within a few pounds of the original price.

We sincerely hope that ‘The Change Exchange’ is a great step forward for State of Mind and that this something that you are able to take advantage of.

Kind regards,

Kerensa Sheen